Strange token in web.config after publishing

I had two projects that I had published to the web server many times from Visual Studio 2010.  I use web.config transformations to set my connection strings different based on which server I’m publishing too.

But while traveling I needed to make some edits using Visual Web Developer 2010 Express.  When I published from that, I started seeing that my connection strings were getting replaced with something like “$(Replaceable Token…)”  Huh?

After googling, the fix was easy.  I had to open my .csproj file and add:


in the <PropertyGroup> section near the top.  Not sure why I suddenly needed this, but it solved the problem!

Blogging as a Developer

OK, so when you plan to blog with posts that include source code and images, the rudimentary tools don’t quite work.  I tried the basic WordPress editor (way too cumbersome) and MS Word (puts in way too much stuff of its own).  I also tried some plug-ins to WordPress.  But here’s what I ended up using.

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