JavaScript Developer Position at Unboxed Technology

Senior JavaScript Developer

Unboxed Technology is looking for a JavaScript developer to create exciting applications to be used on a mobile platform. Unboxed is a company that excels in developing interactive tools to help companies train their employees and sell products to their customers. These tools are used online, in stores, and on mobile devices.

The Senior JavaScript Developer will help build interactive training modules that will be used on handheld devices. The modules will be written as web pages and installed via PhoneGap for disconnected use. The emphasis for this project will be on stand-alone mobile web development with occasional web service calls when connected.

Required skills:

· JavaScript



· JQuery (including animation)

· JSON service calls

· MySQL database and SQL queries

· Experience creating rich web pages with interactivity, animation, and media

Preferred skills:

· HTML 5 experience

· CSS 3 experience

· Tailoring UI for iPad/WebKit browsers

· PhoneGap

· Basic animation

· Multiple JavaScript frameworks

· Source code control

· Working with geographically dispersed teams

This is initially a 2-3 month contract with strong potential for follow-up work or a full-time position.  Applicants can be in Richmond, Virginia or work remotely from the Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington area.

Please include resume and any sample applications showing your own work. To validate the skills of the applicants, each will be asked to create a basic sample program that should take just a few hours to complete.

If interested, please e-mail

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