Transferring from Tivo to iPhone or iPad

I tried all sorts of things to get Tivo content to my iPhone.  Tivo has a paid version of its own software, and I tried things using trial versions of other paid software like VideoRedo, but it always seemed either expensive or convoluted.  Google searches kept steering me to these same approaches.

But today I found an open source Java-based program that does it all.  It’s called kmttg – I have no idea what it stands for.  You download it from and follow the installation instructions.  Then you run it.

The interface isn’t fancy, but it gets the job done.  You enter your media access key for your Tivo and then you can browse the Tivo.  Once you find a movie you just need to select the boxes for “decrypt” and “encode” and select the encoding profile (there’s one for iPhone, iPad, Droid, etc.).  It does its thing, and at the end you have an mp4 ready to open in iTunes and sync.

It even allows you to set up AutoTransfers so your favorite shows are ready to go.


I haven’t tried all its advanced features, but for getting my favorite shows where I can watch them on a plane, I’m hooked!

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