Corner Radius in Silverlight

Maybe everyone else already knew this, but I sure didn’t.  I knew CornerRadius can be used on a Border to round corners.  For example, the following code creates a rounded corner rectangle.

<Border  Height="135" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Width="347" CornerRadius="20" Background="#FF1322D1"></Border>


But what’s not obvious is that CornerRadius actually accepts a comma-delimited list (like Margin does) and lets you set the radius of each corner.

<Border Height="135"HorizontalAlignment="Left"Width="347"CornerRadius="20,40,0,5"Background="#FF1322D1"></Border>



I guess the designers of Blend didn’t realize this either, because while Margin has 4 boxes for entering values, CornerRadius is just one field:


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