Blogging as a Developer

OK, so when you plan to blog with posts that include source code and images, the rudimentary tools don’t quite work.  I tried the basic WordPress editor (way too cumbersome) and MS Word (puts in way too much stuff of its own).  I also tried some plug-ins to WordPress.  But here’s what I ended up using.

1.  Windows Live Writer – this free writing tool from Microsoft is very easy to use

2.  Paste as VS Code – this plug in for Live Writer makes it easy to paste code into Live Writer and have it all within a scrollable block like the one below.  It took a minute to figure out how it works – it puts a new option on the Insert menu in Live Writer.  The code cannot be edited in the Edit pane once it is pasted, but it can be edited in the Source pane..

Code Snippet
  1. public void HelloWorld()
  2.         {
  3.             Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");
  4.         }

3.  Paste from Visual Studio – this plug in for Live Writer also pastes code from the clipboard, but it puts it all inline.  This works better for smaller bits of code:

public void HelloWorld()
     Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");



1 thought on “Blogging as a Developer

  1. Hey,

    I use WLW to blog with as well but I chose this code highlighter to handle the highlighting:

    The major reason that I went for this is that it lets you copy paste code in cleanly and doesnt put lots of extra markup in it.

    That script is installed on your blog and then you can use a WLW plugin such as to insert the correctly formatted html/code snippets into your blog posts.

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